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TTC - The American West


Posted on October 25, 2017 in Misc » Others , verified torrent

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Internal Files

08. Rebellious Texas And The Alamo.m4v309.26 MiB
24. Winning The West.m4v279.95 MiB
15. Homesteaders On The Plains.m4v274.79 MiB
05. The Fur Trade And The Mountain Men.m4v274.41 MiB
07. Struggles Of The Plains Indians.m4v259.47 MiB
16. Little Bighorn And Wounded Knee.m4v259.22 MiB
13. Building The Transcontinental Railroads.m4v252.12 MiB
18. John Wesley Powell And The Desert Southwest.m4v246.12 MiB
01. Westward The Course Of Empire.m4v242.35 MiB
06. Trail Of Tears.m4v240.5 MiB
21. Western Violence, Law, And Order.m4v238.22 MiB
14. Cowboys And Cattle Drives.m4v238.17 MiB
22. Protecting Yellowstone And Yosemite.m4v234.36 MiB
03. Venturing Beyond The Appalachians.m4v233.3 MiB
02. The West In The Colonial Era.m4v227.67 MiB
04. Discoveries Of Lewis And Clark.m4v227.14 MiB
23. Mythology Of The American West.m4v222.28 MiB
17. Life In Western Towns And Cities.m4v220.42 MiB
12. Bleeding Kansas And Civil War In The West.m4v216.26 MiB
20. From Territories To Western States.m4v212.7 MiB
10. Manifest Destiny And The Mexican War.m4v211.87 MiB
19. Women In The Wild West.m4v211.53 MiB
11. The California Gold Rush.m4v205.45 MiB
09. Traveling The Oregon Trail.m4v200.97 MiB
8552 American West.pdf88.76 MiB

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TTC Video - The American West - History, Myth, and Legacy

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