Carol O'Connell - It Happens in the Dark - [audio]

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Carol O'Connell - It Happens in the Dark - [audio]
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Carol O’Connell -It Happens in the Dark
Mystery, Suspense

The reviews called it “A Play to Die For” after the woman was found dead in the front row. It didn’t seem so funny the next night, when another body was found - this time the playwright’s, his throat slashed.Detective Kathy Mallory takes over, but no matter what she asks, no one seems to be giving her a straight answer. The only person - if “person” is the right word - who seems to be clear, is the ghostwriter. Every night, an unseen backstage hand chalks up line changes and messages on a blackboard. And the ghostwriter is now writing Mallory into the play itself, a play about a long-ago massacre that may not be at all fictional.


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