New Perspectives on HTML, XHTML, and Dynamic HTML 4th Edition Comprehensive by Patrick Carey PDF 2010 {SPirate}

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New Perspectives on HTML, XHTML, and Dynamic HTML 4th Edition Comprehensive by Patrick Carey PDF 2010 {SPirate}
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New Perspectives on HTML, XHTML, and Dynamic HTML 4th Edition Comprehensive by Patrick Carey PDF 2010 {SPirate}


The New Perspectives Series’ critical-thinking, problem-solving approach is the ideal way

to prepare students to transcend point-and-click skills and take advantage of all that the

World Wide Web has to offer.

Our goal in developing the New Perspectives Series was to create books that give students

the software concepts and practical skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom. With

this new edition, we’ve updated our proven case-based pedagogy with more practical con-

tent to make learning skills more meaningful to students.

With the New Perspectives Series, students understand why they are learning what they

are learning, and are fully prepared to apply their skills to real-life situations.

"This text is filled with excel-

lent explanations and activi-

ties. My students vary in

their abilities, and this text

covers exactly what they

need in a logical, incremen-

tal fashion. It's a great refer-

ence book that students will

find useful for years."

—Kenneth Wade

Champlain College

About This Book

This book provides complete coverage of HTML and XHTML, and includes the following:

• Up-to-date coverage of using HTML and XHTML to create and design Web sites

• Instruction on using CSS to create styles that enhance Web page design and layout,

including table and print styles

• Expanded and in-depth coverage of embedding multimedia content; using JavaScript

to create Web sites with dynamic content and styles; creating Web forms; and using

JavaScript to provide client-side form validation

• Reinforcement of code compliance with strict applications of HTML and XHTML and

compliance with Section 508 accessibility guidelines

• Web demos, which give students an interactive approach to learning HTML, XHTML,

CSS, and JavaScript

• An Online Companion, which provides supplemental information related to the

content of each tutorial as well as access to the student data files

• Updated business case scenarios throughout, which provide a rich and realistic

context for students to apply the concepts and skills presented

System Requirements

This book assumes that students have an Internet connection, a text editor, and a current Web

browser that supports HTML 4.0 and XHTML 1.1 standards. The following is a list of the most

recent versions of the major browsers at the time this text was published: Windows—Firefox 2.0,

Internet Explorer 7.0, Opera 9.25, and Safari 3.0; Macintosh—Safari 3.0. All Web browsers inter-

pret HTML and CSS code in slightly different ways. It is highly recommend that students have

several different browsers installed on their systems, for comparison purposes. Students might

also want to run older versions of these browsers to highlight compatibility issues, but the code in

this book is designed to support those browser versions. The screenshots in this book were pro-

duced using Internet Explorer 7.0 running on Windows Vista, unless otherwise noted. If students

are using a different browser or operating system, their screens will vary slightly from those

shown in the book; this does not present any problems for students in completing the tutorials.

ISBN-13: 978-1-4239-2543-9

ISBN-10: 1-4239-2543-2

info hash: a4dde9cf7f45f459ab4f7886fdde8f097fbdba04


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